Monday, June 13, 2011

Somebody Follows your Footsteps

Some years ago, I read a story from England. It happened around Christmas. There was a man, and he was a good man. He was not drinking really, but he’d been out around Christmas to visit his neighbors and colleagues, just to have a little fellowship.They were exchanging presents and everyone would say, “John, have just a little drink.” And so, a little sip here, a little sip there, from house to house – he got too much, and he had to go back home.

His little boy was following him, and on his road, the man turned and noticed, that the little boy was just going from one side to the other, almost wallowing in the snow. He turned and said, “Why are you going from one side to the other? What makes you walk like that? He said, “Daddy,  I am trying to walk in your footsteps!“ 
The man kneeled down, picked the boy up in his arms and said, “O God – you forgive me. From this day on, I’ll never take another drink.” I want to walk straight, so my son after me will walk straight. See – somebody’s going to follow your footsteps. Let’s walk that straight line from the cradle to Calvary. That’s the footsteps; let’s have them to walk in.

A story told by Brother William Branham. Retold for children

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