Monday, April 25, 2011


A farmer's boy decided to get married. His father said to him, "John, when you get married, your liberty is gone. "The boy said he did not believe it. The father said, I'll prove it to you. "Catch a dozen chickens, tie their legs together and put them in the wagon. Hitch up the two the horses to the wagon and drive into the town. Stop at every house you come to, and where every you find the man is boss, give him a horse. Where ever you find a woman is boss you give her a chicken. You'll give away all your chickens and come back with two horses. The boy accepted the proposition and drove to town. He had stopped at every house and had given away ten chickens when he came to a nice little house and saw an old man and his wife standing on the front lawn. He called to them and asked , "Who is boss here?" The man said, "I am." Turning to the woman the boy said, "Is he boss?" The woman replied, "Yes he's the boss." The boy asked them to come down to the street. He explained the reason for asking and told the man to pick out one of the horse. He said he would bring the horse back to them that afternoon. The old man and the old lady looked over the horses carefully, and the husband said, "I think the black horse the better of the two." The wife said I think the white horse is in every way the better horse. I would choose him." The man took a careful look at the white horse and said, "I guess I'll take the white horse." The boy smiled and said, "Oh no you won't; you'll take a chicken."

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