Monday, May 2, 2011

Who are you?

"Who are you?" said the Prime Minister, opening the door. "I am God," replied the stranger. "I don't believe you," sneered the Prime Minister. "Show me a miracle." And God showed the Prime Minister the miracle of birth. "Pah," said the Prime Minister. "My scientists are creating life in test-tubes and have nearly solved the secret of heredity. Artificial insemination is more certain than your lackadaisical method, and by cross-breeding we are producing fish and mammals to our design. Show me a proper miracle."

And God caused the sky to darken and hailstones came pouring down."That's nothing," said the Prime Minister, picking up the telephone to the Air Ministry."Send up a met. plane would you, old chap, and sprinkle the clouds with silver chloride crystals."And the met. plane went up and sprinkled the clouds which had darkened the world and the hailstones stopped pouring down and the sun shone brightly. "Show me another," said the Prime Minister.

And God caused a plague of frogs to descend upon the land. The Prime Minister picked up his telephone. "Get the Min. of Ag. and Fish," he said to the operator, "and instruct them to procure a frog-killer as myxomatosis killed rabbits." And soon the land was free of frogs, and the people gave thanks to the Prime Minister and erected laboratories in his name.

"Show me another," sneered the Prime Minister. And God caused the sea to divide. The Prime Minister picked up his direct- link telephone to the Polaris submarine. "Lob a few ICBMs into Antarctica and melt the ice-cap, please old man."And the ice cap melted into water and the sea came rushing back."I will kill all the first-born," said God. "Paltry tricks," said the Prime Minister. "Watch on his desk. And missiles flew to their pre-ordained destinations and H-bombs split the world asunder and radioactivity killed every mortal thing.

"I can raise the dead," said God. "Please," said the Prime Minister in his cardboard coffin. "Let me live again." "Why, who are you?" said God, closing the lid.

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